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Cute jewelry made with love by Grace <3

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Our Honeydew print draws inspiration from the calming palette of a ripe honeydew melon and the traditional Japanese Gansai art style. Gansai, a centuries-old technique, uses opaque watercolors to capture the beauty of simplicity with depth and balance. The soft, pastel shades in our design reflect the serene qualities of Gansai art, making it an ideal print for any sunny day.
Our Cymbidium-inspired floral print takes center stage in our Summer '23 launch. Orchids, deeply revered in Japanese culture, symbolize femininity and peace. They serve as a heartfelt gesture of care and affection, often bestowed upon those we hold closest to our hearts.
Immerse yourself in the serene beauty of the periwinkle flower, with its soft hues of lavender and hints of blue. This collection was meticulously crafted for each piece to capture the essence of this captivating bloom. Delicate patterns reminiscent of blooming petals grace the fabric, lending an air of elegance to every swimsuit.
Rose adagio is inspired by the ballet, specifically Tchaikovsky's Sleeping Beauty. In this movement Aurora or Sleeping Beauty is presented with her suitors and en pointe she spins from prince to prince each presenting her with a single rose. We felt this feminine print was perfect for Fall as ballet season approaches in Hawai'i with classic Autumn shows like The Nutcracker andSwan Lake.
Our fabric print is a stunning homage to the opulent Rococo era of fashion, which embodies the spirit of winter's grace and elegance. Drawing inspiration from the lavish styles of the past, 'Rococo' weaves together the intricate beauty of Rococo bows with the tranquil charm of blue plaid. This print encapsulates the refinement and sophistication of a bygone era, while seamlessly infusing it with the cozy ambiance of winter.

A brighter take on the classic paisley print featured on the traditional bandana worn by farmers. The cutest neon collection for a sunny Summer day at the beach.